Welcome to our new website


Hi there everyone

Welcome to our new website!  We have got videos, information about the band and of course I will be posting up any news about gigs and tracks.

You can buy our new album, “The only truth is music” on here too!

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.


— Adrian Holder, The Moment

3 thoughts on “Welcome to our new website”

  1. Hi Adrian and The Moment, Really loving the new ‘Infenzo’ website, and great to see – via the rather wonderful PopDose review/coverage – that America has, at last, come to recognise your collective (and significant) musical talent!

  2. Gonna be getting the new album and also want a copy of The Work Gets Done but cant find one for sale anywhere. Any suggestions about where I can get a copy or download? Cheers


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