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Interview with Adrian Holder by Peter Jachimiak

Adrian Holder, THE MOMENT

I caught up with Adrian Holder of The Moment amid the positive vibes of the first day of Spring.  So, with the album recorded, sleeve art in the making, website up and running.  I asked the first of a number of very urgent questions.

PJ: “What factors have brought about the return of The Moment?”

 AH: “At first, I wasnt sure if there would still be “an audience” wanting to hear our particular take on three-minute, musical Pop Art.  Making music for my own ears was cool, but the need to be heard developed from the advent of Social Media.  The realization that record companies, the music press, and the money men, no longer had complete control of what was going on was just what we were waiting for.  At the time, it felt like the early days when commercial success was a weed that grew in someone else’s garden.  We didn’t need authority to say “yes”, as we could do it on our own terms, and make the music we wanted to, without having to please the music business.  On a personal level, I decided to enjoy the moment one more time” (Adrian, at this point, beams).

 PJ: “How would the band describe both The Moment of yesterday and The Moment of today”.

 AH: “Yesterday, we were kids playing for kicks.  Today, we are middle-aged men playing for kicks.  Experience brings some benefits: my song writing has developed, my voice has mellowed, and I now have my own recording studio.  This means I can record as-and-when the mood takes me rather than having to fit around the record label’s “one day here, one day there” approach to recording.  The three days spent recording and mixing “The Work Gets Done” has turned into three years working on “The Only Truth Is Music”.

 PJ: “Indeed, the title of the new album is “The Only Truth Is Music”.  And, it’s a title that – as more of a “slogan” – not only graces the promotional T-shirt, but something that the band has used for quite a while now, on Social Media.  So, tell us more about the title, this “slogan”.

 AH: “The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the only truth is music.  The title suggests that everything is a lie.  News, politics, authority, equality, religion, etc., could be classed in the “everything else” group” 

 PJ: “The album has been preceded by, and earlier material (the “Goodbye Tuesday” 7″, and the CD EP) coincided with, live appearances.  What were those gigs like, as a shared experience, for both the band and your audience?”

 AH: “Playing live as The Moment again was very special.  Having Buddy on drums was the proverbial cherry.  I’m not sure who missed who the most, the band or the audience?.  I loved it and it would appear I was not the only one.  We were given an overwhelmingly positive reception at every show.  Hopefully, we’ll be doing it again this year with some new songs to add to the set and a few more dates to add to the tour”. 

 PJ: “So , what are the band’s plans, exactly, for promoting the new album live?”

 AH: “Promotion possibilities are restricted because of our “independent” status.  But, we hope to have a few internet radio stations play some of our work and tour the UK in the late Summer.  Just as it was back when we started, it’s a word of mouth thing.  With luck, people will hear the album, like it, and come along to see us play. (again with another wide grin).  If the gods smile on us, we might even sell a few copies and be able to release something new in the near future”.

 PJ: “The Moment were once noted for being, let us say, a “politically aware” band.  But, what “big issues’ rile the band today?”.

 AH: “We were a band that started our journey during “the Thatcher years”.  As young men, we suspected the authorities were a bunch of corrupt, bigoted liars, with nothing but self-interest on their minds. (with a sigh).  Not much has changed, apart from our suspicion is now a known fact.  With the naivety of youth, we thought the world could be changed for the better – but alas, “all that rugby puts hairs on your chest”.  The old school tie still calls the shots”.

 PJ: “The Moment, then, are always “of the moment”, but what will tomorrow bring, as far as post-album releases etc. for the band?”

 AH: “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.  I prefer to live “in the moment”.  Long live the moment!”

 PJ: “The Moment, in reality, are a core partnership of Adrian and Rob.  But, other musicians (namely Chris Hickey, Rod Spark, Ben Addison, Brett “Buddy” Ascott) have contributed to the new album, other recent new recordings, and live appearances over the past few years.  So in what ways have they shaped the sound of The Moment of new?”

 AH: “Buddy has brought a new, much appreciated, emergency to the recordings.  He is good to be around and a joy to work with.  Rod has added depth and texture to the album and has the patience of a saint.  Ben is a musical genius with the ability to turn everything he touches into magic.  Chris is a giver of good vibes and a musician of great vision and talent.  It has been a pleasure working with them all, and they have all made their positive contribution to the overall sound of the finished album”

 PJ: “The Moment are often thought of as a “Mod Band”.  But in 2015, who do the band appeal to?”

 AH: “Interestingly, the Mod movement appears to have not gone away and has grown since the late 80’s when the band “took a break”.  The friends that have supported us with the new album have stayed loyal to the band despite a long hiatus.  I have been personably humbled by their support and can only hope the album gives back a little of the love”.

 PJ: “I’m so glad you say that, Adrian, as the new album, in part, owes it’s existence to the success of the social-media driven “Supporters Package”.  But how crucial have your fans been with regards not just funding of the new album but the reinvigoration and return of “The Moment?”.

 AH: “Paramount.  Without the support of our friends, none of this would have happened.  To the boys and girls of the moment, we salute you.  Thank you”.

 Thus, with the sun shining, and the birds tweeting, I parted company with Adrian Holder of The Moment, and look forward to the very moment when “The Only Truth Is Music” hits our collective turntables.

– Peter Jachimiak

Peter Jachimiak (University of South Wales) is a regular contributor to the “Subbaculture” zine and co-author of the 48-page booklet that accompanies Cherry Red Records’ recent 4-CD boxset, “Millions Like Us – The Story of The Mod Revival, 1977-1989 (which, of course, was graced with The Moment’s 7” debut, “In This Town”).